About Me

The roots of my design and construction career began at a very early age.  I was in my teens when I began working small renovation projects with my father.  By the time I began studying Architecture at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), I already had several years of experience.  When I received my degree in 1996, I had three years of tenure with a local Architect.

HeadshotFrom 1996 until 2011 I worked with Architecture firms throughout the New York/New Jersey area. Progressing quickly through the ranks I gained experience and know-how consistently improving and enhancing my knowledge of design and construction.  I led projects in both the public and private sector.

In 2011 I moved from architectural design into strategic sourcing.  In this role, I develop strategies for executing and negotiating design and construction contracts for Fortune 500 companies.  I worked with the World’s largest companies to plan, procure, and execute design and construction projects around the World.

My project experience has exposed me to a broad range of successful and unsuccessful projects.  I hope to leverage my learning from these experiences in this blog.

Why I Published this Website

Owners taking on construction often have to be their own project managers.  The burdens of budgeting, scheduling, and procuring rest on their shoulders.  Many of these Owners have limited or no experience in construction and there are few resources available to guide them.

The seeds of this website came from the notion that every project deserves the highest standard of care.  I believe that every Owner deserves the same strategic advantage available to Fortune 500 companies.

My goal is to share best practices and to arm you with information.  I hope you enjoy the content and that it helps make your project a success.