Best Practices – The Post-COVID Office – How organizations are managing return to work

The following content was originally published July 2021 on IBM’s Category Newsletter.  The Post-COVID Office – Our New Normal By Olivia L’Heureux Category Manager – Facilities With light at the end of the quarantine, Companies are preparing to bring worker’s back to the office.  Offices are being reconfigured to promote new safety protocols and make…

Industry Watch – Pay-When-Paid – A Common but Illegal Term that Exists In Most Construction Contracts.

General Contractor should not rely on the Owner’s contract to define the terms and obligations between the Contractor and his subcontractors. Rather, the GC should specifically state any and all of their sub-contractor terms (including payment obligations) independently of the Owner’s obligations to the GC. The Contractor should adhere to those terms independent of what may or may not be happening between the Contractor and the Owner.