Best Practices – Why Your Design Build Contracts Are All Wrong!

There are only certain types of suppliers who have the training and legal obligation to look after the Owner's best interests.

Case Study – Standard of Care – A Lesson on how to Avoid Conflicts and Ensure Your Architect Meets Your Expectations.

The standard verbiage from the AIA is so vague and open to interpretation that it hurts both parties.

Proprietary Specifications – An Illegal Tender for Hospital Equipment.

Proprietary specification are great anytime you want to have an established standard product and do not wish to deviate from that standard.

Centralized Procurement – Was the Tragedy of the Grenfell Tower Avoidable?

At Grenfell, the panels that were used were constructed with polyurethane core panels.  These panels are permitted by code in the UK.

Modular Construction – Architects Responsible for Lag in Adoption of Pre-Fabricated Construction Techniques?

I want to reflect on all of the ways that builders could implement modular construction methods regardless of the design or the project management.

The Future of Construction – How Off-Site Fabrication and Modular Construction Techniques Offer Speed, Savings, and Safety.

OSM construction methods can reduce the cost of construction by 20% and accelerate construction 40 percent ahead of traditional methods.

Third Party Work Breakdown Structures – Why You Need One Every Time You Solicit Construction Quotes.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they solicit the COW is making up their own list of line items.

Should you hire an engineer directly or through an architect

In last week's article, I asserted that Architects are uniquely qualified to coordinate the various building systems of a project.  I discussed the qualifications and training that makes them better suited to this task and gave my own experience of failure when the roles were reversed. Today I want to address a growing trend I … Continue reading Should you hire an engineer directly or through an architect

Best Practices: Open Book Bidding

Over the last few years, I have noticed an increase in the number of construction contracts using "open book" provisions.  The term "open book" describes a contract provision that allows Owners full transparency into the General Contractor's sub-contracts. It should be noted that "open book" provision are not the same as audit rights.  Audit rights … Continue reading Best Practices: Open Book Bidding

When do You Need a Permit? (Part 4) Work Permits

As part of this multi-part series on the most common construction permits, this entry addresses the 6 considerations of work permits. Click here to read the first part where I explain the 6 considerations in detail. Click here to read the second part where I review zoning applications. Click here to read the third part where I … Continue reading When do You Need a Permit? (Part 4) Work Permits