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Industry Watch – Construction Technology – 3D Printing – How 3D Printing is Poised to be the Most Disruptive Technology in Construction and You Won’t Believe Who’s Behind it.

As we continue our look at construction technology, I wanted to cover what is currently the most disruptive technology in construction.

Conventional methods of construction are extremely labor intensive.  They require many skilled tradesmen working many hours.

As we saw in our look into robotics, there are several companies working to replace workers with machines.

3D Printing however, takes queues from existing technology and scales it up to completely change the way we build.

3D printing technology has come a long way since the concept was first patented in 1986 by Charles Hull.  Today 3D printing is becoming more and more mainstream and more companies (and industries) are embracing this technology.  From the early “on-demand” concepts of 2006 to recent large scale developments, this technology has captured our imagination.

There are several innovators at the forefront of this technology.  Today I want to share who the key players are and where this technology is receiving the greatest attention.

Procurement Strategies for Construction.

This week in the news we find an article from Passenger Terminal Today.com about a request for proposal for a new terminal at Newark International Airport. The story tells us that three joint-venture (JV) firms have been shortlisted for a design-build agreement to build a new Terminal at Newark Airport. The three JV firms feature…

Best Practices: Open Book Bidding

Over the last few years, I have noticed an increase in the number of construction contracts using “open book” provisions.  The term “open book” describes a contract provision that allows Owners full transparency into the General Contractor’s sub-contracts. It should be noted that “open book” provision are not the same as audit rights.  Audit rights…