Industry Watch – Alliance Arrangement Models – What are They and How Do They Work

A unique method of creating a legal entity that falls short of forming a Joint-Venture (JV) yet goes further than typical construction agreements.

Project Bank Accounts – New Project Accounting Contractor’s will Hate but Will Protect them from Insolvency!

Using PBA's will require significant adjustments and all parties will need to rethink how they operate.

Best Practices – Why Your Design Build Contracts Are All Wrong!

There are only certain types of suppliers who have the training and legal obligation to look after the Owner's best interests.

Case Study – A Hotel That Costs too Much!? – Architect Pays Developer For Expensive Design.

The court found that Foster failed to “identify requirements and possible constraints" and "confirm key requirements and constraints”.

Change Orders – How to Plan, Mitigate, and Minimize the impact of Changes on Your Construction Projects.

Change Orders - How to Plan, Mitigate, and Minimize the impact of Changes on Your Construction Projects.

Pre-qualifying Suppliers – The Top 6 Criteria You Can Use to Pre-Qualify Your Supplier Pool.

This list of criteria should be used for pre-qualifying Contractors to participate in a solicitation.

Case Study – Strategic Application of Pricing Models – A Lesson in How to use Cost Plus with GMP to Reduce Risk and Time in Design and Construction.

Case study demonstrating how pricing models solve procurement problems.

Financial Risks – How Mega Construction Firm Failings Elevate Performance Risks for Owners and what YOU Can Do About It.

Separately, these stories are examples of the ways construction firms can go bad, collectively these show patterns we need to recognize .

Penalties and Bonuses – How To Avoid Project Delays and Incentivize Timely Completion.

Punitive delay claims are unenforceable and are likely to be overridden by the courts.

Procurement Corruption – Six Practices Your Company Should Avoid to Prevent Collusion and Corruption.

Even unregulated privately held businesses need to be aware of certain soft practices that may be signs of collusion between their employees and Vendors.

Proprietary Specifications – An Illegal Tender for Hospital Equipment.

Proprietary specification are great anytime you want to have an established standard product and do not wish to deviate from that standard.