Industry Watch – Construction Lobby Lays Out Plan For 2018 – What They Got Right and What They Got Wrong.

The SEC's focus on these issues foretells of major changes for construction in the future.

Procurement Corruption – Atlanta’s CPO Pleads Guilty of Conspiracy – How to Prevent Suppliers from Thinking You are Corruptible.

If you have influence over contract awards, you must hold yourself to the highest ethical standards.

Buy Local – How Domestic Supply Lines Mitigate Risks

Drivers that would compel private businesses to prioritize local resources.

A Conference for Construction Procurement – My Special Announcement.

I was even more excited to learn that the session they had in mind for me was called, "Construction Think Tank:  Exploring Construction Procurement".

Progressive Procurement – Why Your Procurement Policy Needs More Than Just a Savings Target.

Ensuring that your procurement policy aligns with more than just the bottom line will not only enhance the value of procurement, it elevates the value of the organization.