Modular Construction – Architects Responsible for Lag in Adoption of Pre-Fabricated Construction Techniques?

I want to reflect on all of the ways that builders could implement modular construction methods regardless of the design or the project management.

The Future of Construction – How Off-Site Fabrication and Modular Construction Techniques Offer Speed, Savings, and Safety.

OSM construction methods can reduce the cost of construction by 20% and accelerate construction 40 percent ahead of traditional methods.

Buy Local – “Good” / Buy American – “Bad” How the “Trump Affect” Reveals Hypocrisy in the media.

Trump's order requires federal agencies to procure domestically produced goods and minimize the use of waivers (used to waive domestic procurement laws).

Progressive Procurement – Why Your Procurement Policy Needs More Than Just a Savings Target.

Ensuring that your procurement policy aligns with more than just the bottom line will not only enhance the value of procurement, it elevates the value of the organization.