How do you use LinkedIn?

I have been on LinkedIn since 2007. LinkedIn is my go-to site for all of my online social interactions.

Throughout the years, I have used LinkedIn as a resource for staying connected with business associates and colleagues. I routinely send notes of congratulations and brief messages of good wishes to people in my network who change jobs or hit anniversaries. I also frequently ask for introductions and seek to connect with people with whom I have done or wish to do business.

Despite varying opinions and strategies (some suggesting a less detailed profile is more desireable) I have chosen to maintain a very detailed LinkedIn profile. I’ve taken the time to write each section like a story which includes all of my former employers.

I have used this site for job hunting and have even used this site to identify service providers for my procurement work. Most recently I have linked my WordPress site to my LinkedIn profile. Select blog articles are broadcast into LinkedIn automatically.

I’ve also use this site to research people that I am about to do business with or look up old contacts to see what they are up to. In short I feel I have done everything I can with LinkedIn.

The only thing I’ve never done is to purchase the premium version. Every week I receive an offer to try a premium for free. The site constantly tells me that I’m missing out on key features of the website because I’m not on premium.

So today I wanted to ask you if you use LinkedIn premium and if you do what are the benefits of paying for the service?

I also wanted to know if there are other features of LinkedIn I am unaware of or am not capitalizing on. Check out my profile here. What are your thoughts? How do you use LinkedIn?

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  1. evanswd says:

    Hey Luis,

    I have not found tremendous value in Premium services unless you are actively sourcing employees or clients through the platform. That said, I have been trying to follow a rule a friend told me which was “Always know, and have met, everyone on your LinkedIn and maintain your relationship.” Following his rule, if you’ve never had coffee, lunch or dinner with the person, they shouldn’t be on your network list. I have been slowly working through my list and using it to help me maintain and strengthen my relationships. I believe that would be the best bang-for-the-buck for that social network.

    Best Regards,
    Bill Evans

    1. Luis Gile says:

      That’s a great suggestion Bill. I know that I have many connections on LinkedIn that I don’t recall ever meeting (never-mind having coffee with). I may have to re-evaluate my contacts.

      Regardless, thanks for the feedback on premium.

  2. Kamal Jani says:

    Luis –

    L/In offers 30 days free trial on Premium. Try it out w/out having to pay for it for that first month. If you are not getting 100% out of it, then you know which button to hit. For me, I tried it twice before for 2 distinctly different reasons (the 2nd time was to find out who the anonymous people are who are viewing my profile but never reaching back… or is it someone checking on my!). I did not get too far… so you know which key I hit before 30 days were over!

    Good luck.


    1. Luis Gile says:

      Good to hear from you Kamal. Thanks for your insights.

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