Achieving Goals

I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting strategies for self improvement.

I’m especially drawn towards strategies that come from people who have been exceptionally successful.

Recently I came across a speech given by a man named Bill Bartmann.  The speech was published on YouTube in February of 2008.  It was published in four parts and is about 40 minutes long.  It is also available on

In the speech Mr. Bartmann talks about his “Nine Steps for Achieving any Goal”.  He supports his nine steps with excerpts and examples from his own life.

It’s well worth the investment in time to hear the struggles that Mr. Bartmann overcame in his life.

There is some controversy surrounding Mr. Bartmann.  He is a man that became a billionaire running a collection agency.  You can do your own research and decide whether this is a man worthy of your attention.

I struggle a little bit with the fact that his life is shrouded in such controversy, but having listened to his speech ahead of knowing anything about him, I was able to appreciate Bartmann’s perspectives and found myself motivated to strengthen my own goal setting strategies.

I will resist the urge to recount Mr. Bartmann’s nine steps and will simply leave you with the recommendation to listen to his speech.  After you have heard his story please come back and let me know your thoughts.

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