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In September of 2010 Drew Dudley gave a short talk on the value of everyday leadership and how simple acts we perform every day can unexpectedly make profound positive influences on those around us.
I highly recommend checking out Drew’s talk, it is a great way to spend 6 minutes of your day.
Drew talks about a moment in his life when he made an impact on someone without realizing the positive influence he made on this person’s life.  It’s a wonderful story which I will let you hear for your self.
Drew identifies how small things we do every day make positive impacts on the people we come in contact with.  It’s a great positive message.
Today, I want to consider for a moment how small things we do on a daily basis could have negative impacts on the people we come in contact with.
I don’t want to be a Negative-Nelly or focus on the bad things in our lives, but I do believe we need to be as aware of how our actions can negatively impact people as we are about how our actions can positively impact people.
I’ve been told that I have a very direct and intimidating manner.
This makes me a hyper aware of how I interact with people.  I’m always trying to moderate my language and be careful about my reactions and body language.
I cannot say I’m terrible successful, but this self awareness makes me more mindful of my daily interactions.  I believe this kind of mindfulness enhances our ability to have more positive impacts.  It’s not easy being honest with yourself. but it is essential to know how behaviors you may not even recognize can have negative impact on the people around you.
I don’t wanna dwell on this too long.  I would rather focus on the positive perspective that Drew takes, but as you click the links and go over to listen to drew Dudley today, I ask you to also be mindful of how things you may be doing could be impacting the people around you in a negative way.
Let’s learn from those experiences and those behaviors and let’s be mindful of ourselves and seek to make the world a better place by moderating our behaviors.
What about you?  Have you been told that something you do has a negative influence on others?  If so, what have you done to moderate your behavior?

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