Are you a Project Manager?

One of the most important yet commonly overlooked roles in construction is the Project Manager (PM).

Project Managers are responsible for driving the scope, schedule, and budget on a project. They oversee all of the project team to ensure that each is meeting their obligations. Project Managers coordinate various parts of a project to ensure smooth transitions between each phase.  A Project Manager can also act as a first line of defense against budget overruns.  They often negotiate change orders and advise the Owner when change orders should be accepted.  Project Managers are also a resource for the project team whenever unforeseen conditions arise.

Without a PM, Owners end up taking all of the duties and responsibilities of the PM onto themselves.

This oversight is likely to result in; increased fees, delays in schedule, and poor workmanship.  In addition, Owner’s typically become overwhelmed and get frustrated with the project team.

Project Managers play a key role in any project, but in order to get the most out of a PM you need to keep in mind the following:

1. Hire an independent PM.  

PM’s should not be affiliated with any of the other members of your project team. Many firms offer PM services together with Architecture or Construction Services, but a PM’s objectivity can be compromised when he’s asked to oversee a colleague.  For this same reason, you should also avoid hiring any PM that is familiar to any individual in your project team.

2. Contract the PM directly to the Owner.

It should go without saying that the PM should not be a sub-contractor to any of the project team.  Holding a direct contract relationship with the PM is critical to ensuring the PM’s loyalty is strictly to the Owner.

Employing an independent professional to work in your best interests can greatly reduce the stress of a construction project.

Follow these simple suggestions and you will reap the benefits of this important member of your project team.

Are you acting as your own Project Manager?  If so, how are things going?  Did you hire a PM and find they were not as helpful as you expected?  Write me and tell me your experience.

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