2018 Thanksgiving – Why I Was Inspired to be More Open to Sharing my Passion.

We are often told that networking is one of the most important skills for advancing your career.

Anyone searching for a new job is encouraged to “work your network” as a strategy for finding that next job.

Growing up I recall hearing stories about blue collar kids making it big by networking with captains of industry on the golf course.  It all sounded like Hollywood movie make-believe.

If you are like me, despite hearing this advice and these stories, you never really understood how networking was done.  It all sounded more like brown-nosing than skill.

I recently read a book that has changed my perspective on networking and has inspired me to embrace and practice this skill.

The book is called “Never Eat Alone“.  It’s written by Keith Ferazzi and Tahl Raz.

Keith Ferazzi is the former Chief Marketing Officer for Deloit.

Throughout the book Keith shares his experiences both good and bad as he networks his way into a key role inside a dynamic consulting practice.

Ferazzi’s message of “always adding value” and “sharing your passion” resonated with me in a way that inspired me to adopt some of his well-worn networking tactics.

I will probably never throw the elaborate dinner parties stocked with influential party guests that he describes, but I certainly did see opportunities for me to be more connected with the people in my circle.

Ferazzi’s book also inspired me to be more open for connection opportunities outside of my circle to grow my personal network.

I highly recommend “Never Eat alone” as a great inspirational book for building and nurturing both personal and professional relationships.

Today as you sit around the table with your circle of family and friends, I encourage you to open your heart, your mind, and your vision for how you can add value to those in your circle.

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