Christmas 2019 – Inspiration – How getting Fit, Becoming a Good Leader, and Falling in Love All Require the Same Skill.

Merry Christmas everyone!

I cannot believe 2019 is behind us!

By the time this publishes, I assume you will have already received your Christmas presents and hopefully you are enjoying quality time with your loved ones.

My gift to you this year is an excerpt from an interview with Simone Sinek.

Simon Sinek is the author of the best-selling 2009 book “Start with Why”.  This year Simon published a new book called “the Infinite Game”.

If you are not familiar with Simon Sinek, I recommend you look him up and buy some of his books.  I’ve read “Start with Why” and the accompanying book “Find your Why”.

Sinek is a very inspirational writer and a great speaker as you will see from the excerpt below.

If someone told you that getting fit, being a good leader, and falling in love all required the same skill, you probably would not believe them, but that is exactly what Sinek says in the following clip.  Listen to how he correlates these three seemingly disconnected things with one simple concept.

Merry Christmas once again.

If You Want To Know What It Takes To FIND and KEEP LOVE – WATCH THIS!

SSinek thumbnail

What about you?  What did you get for Christmas this year?  Have you read any of Sinek’s books?  Tell me your stories.

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