Best Practices – Architectural Services – How to Negotiate Your Architect’s Rates?

Once you have a short list of candidates based on qualifications, (and ONLY then) you can consider price.

Best Practices – Self-Performing Contractors – Do Self-Performing Contractors Improve Your Bottom Line?

Self-performance does create additional revenue streams for the general contractor and you do need to address this.

Case Study – Standard of Care – A Lesson on how to Avoid Conflicts and Ensure Your Architect Meets Your Expectations.

The standard verbiage from the AIA is so vague and open to interpretation that it hurts both parties.

Penalties and Bonuses – How To Avoid Project Delays and Incentivize Timely Completion.

Punitive delay claims are unenforceable and are likely to be overridden by the courts.

How to solicit a Cost Plus Fee quote.

Allowing a vendor to add mark-up on top of the costs of his own resources leads to a double dip by the vendor.

What are the phases of work of a typical project?

No matter how big or small, all construction projects follow the same basic phases of work. Spending an appropriate amount of time (relative to project complexity) at each phase can mean the difference between the success or failure of your project.  If you try to skip a phase or fail to perform the proper due … Continue reading What are the phases of work of a typical project?

Working without a contract? The reasons why Owner’s should never allow it.

In Today's HGTV world where entire room renovations happen "While you were out" and "Restaurant Impossible" re-brands failing eateries in a weekend, the notion that construction can happen quickly is all too prevalent.  These shows don't reveal the pre-work that goes into performing these miraculous transformations and they don't account for the incredible amount of man-power that goes … Continue reading Working without a contract? The reasons why Owner’s should never allow it.

Process Automation the wave of the future

The New York Times recently published the article "Thriving in the robot workplace". The article talks about how automation is replacing human workers. The story goes on about how some are intimidated by this automation while others are embracing it. Consideration is given to the notion that some jobs are not possible to automate. These … Continue reading Process Automation the wave of the future

10 questions to ask a Contractor Reference.

Most people know that one of the best ways to qualify a contractor is to request references, but most never actually call. It might be that some think call a reference is a waste of time or possibly that you are imposing on the reference, but it is surprising how willing some folks are to … Continue reading 10 questions to ask a Contractor Reference.

About Procurement

In the context of construction, procurement is the process of identifying, soliciting, negotiating, and contracting service providers to perform the work. This means selecting and hiring professionals such as architects, engineers, and construction managers and in some cases contracting laborers such as carpenters, plumbers, steel workers, etc.

How Owner’s influence Scope

One of the most important factors in the success of a construction project is having a quality Scope of Work.  Scope of Work is the definition of what you expect your service providers to do for you.  A service provider could be an Architect or a Contractor.  You should have a Scope of Work for … Continue reading How Owner’s influence Scope