What are the phases of work of a typical project?

No matter how big or small, all construction projects follow the same basic phases of work. Spending an appropriate amount of time (relative to project complexity) at each phase can mean the difference between the success or failure of your project.  If you try to skip a phase or fail to perform the proper due … Continue reading What are the phases of work of a typical project?

A new direction for Procurpro!

The interview I went out to North Carolina for went well. The Company made an offer and I have accepted. I am thrilled to be working with some great people in a great Company.  I begin work next Tuesday. The downside is I won't be able to continued marketing Procurpro while I work for my new Company. … Continue reading A new direction for Procurpro!

Are business networking events a waste of time?

Networking is a new concept for me. For most of my life, I have worked for employers where sales were the responsibility of others. The only kind of salesmanship I had to do was to do good work and treat my customers the way they deserved to be treated. This resulted in a good number of repeat … Continue reading Are business networking events a waste of time?

A new way to work

I was listening to Audible's Accelerator business series Today. One of the segments addresses a new concept of business management. The segment was called "Let Employees Be People". It's published by the Harvard Business Review. It is an interview with Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. Dr. Kegan and Dr. Lahey are the co-founders of mindsatwork.com … Continue reading A new way to work

A change to my marketing plan

I love using Audible. It's a great way to get through a book quickly and efficiently. I listen to Audible while I exercise. Recently I discovered that Audible has a free series called Accelerator. Accelerator publishes daily audio content related to business concepts. A recent series discusses how Priceline created a homegrown multilingual organization to serve their … Continue reading A change to my marketing plan

To YouTube or NOT to YouTube?

Let's talk about YouTube. I have been thinking a lot about creating a YouTube channel. I want my channel to be relevant to construction and construction procurement. Admittedly, construction procurement is not a glamorous or exciting topic. I do think presenting the topic in a certain way could be engaging and at the very least … Continue reading To YouTube or NOT to YouTube?

How Owner’s influence Scope

One of the most important factors in the success of a construction project is having a quality Scope of Work.  Scope of Work is the definition of what you expect your service providers to do for you.  A service provider could be an Architect or a Contractor.  You should have a Scope of Work for … Continue reading How Owner’s influence Scope

What you need to solicit a quote

Whether you are hiring an architect or a general contractor, in order to ensure you receive good comparable quotes, there are certain key pieces of information you must include with your solicitation.  If you are missing any of these items you could find that your quotes have a wide pricing spread.  This could lead you to make bad … Continue reading What you need to solicit a quote