Today Matters – Happy Thanksgiving

It has been a while since I published any articles about books I have read.  Given the Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States, I thought I would post something a little lighter for the Holiday, so Today, I want to share with you a book I recently completed called Today Matters.

Today Matters was written by John C Maxwell.  Maxwell is a prolific author who’s stated purpose is “equipping others to do remarkable things and lead significant and fulfilled lives”.

Maxwell has written over 100 books and was named #1 leadership expert in the world by Inc. Magazine in 2014.

His book Today Matters: 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow’s Success is an outline of his 12 daily practices for a successful life.

Maxwell calls these his “daily dozen”.  He professes focusing on these twelve practices every day to help you achieve your highest potential.

The daily dozen are as follows:

  1. Attitude
  2. Priorities
  3. Health
  4. Family
  5. Thinking
  6. Commitment
  7. Finances
  8. Faith
  9. Relationships
  10. Generosity
  11. Values
  12. Growth

I highly recommend this book.  I was inspired by Maxwell and the stories he shares as he discusses each of the daily dozen.

It may seem a bit overwhelming to maintain a daily focus on twelve priorities, I was certainly thinking that as I went through each section, but Maxwell recognizes this and includes a great implementation framework at the end of the book.

So Today as we celebrate Thanksgiving, a day with family that truly matters, I wanted to share this inspiring book and wish you and your Families a Happy Thanksgiving.

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