Special Announcement – Clean up Your Act! – A Webinar Hosted by Procurious Featuring ME!?

Today I wanted to share with you the news that I will be featured on a webinar hosted by Procurious.

Procurious is global community for procurement professionals with 30,000 members from 140 countries.

Since its founding in 2013 Procurious has offered procurement professionals from all around the globe a forum for networking and sharing content.  I highly encourage you to check them out and create your free profile.  If you do, look me up and connect with me there.

Recently, Procurious even honored me by reposting one of my articles on their site.

The webinar (due to air on June 28, 2018 at 11AM EDT) will be a question and answer session hosted by Tania Seary, Founder of Procurious.

Tania Seary is quite an impressive woman.  Not only is she the founder of Procurious (and a few other successful ventures), she has had an impressive career with Alcoa and Disney.

Tania’s warm and friendly nature came through wonderfully during our conversation and I think you will enjoy listening to her.

Tania and I will be addressing the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive technology in procurement and construction.

I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with the folks at Procurious.  As you may know from previous articles, I’m keenly aware of the oncoming cognitive revolution and I’m excited to share my perspectives.  It was a great experience for me to be a part of a Procurious webinar and Tania and the staff at Procurious were a delight to work with.

I hope you join me and Tania as we address the future of procurement and construction in the context of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Technologies, and the Internet of Things.

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