I want to procrastinate more!

There is a seminar on Ted talks from a gentleman named Adam Grant, its called "The surprising habit of original thinkers" Adam is an organizational psychologist who studies individuals who have original ideas. I highly recommend listening to his talk. He discusses a common behavioral thread among people who come up with original thoughts. In … Continue reading I want to procrastinate more!

A change to my marketing plan

I love using Audible. It's a great way to get through a book quickly and efficiently. I listen to Audible while I exercise. Recently I discovered that Audible¬†has a free series called Accelerator. Accelerator publishes¬†daily audio content related to business concepts. A recent series discusses how Priceline created a homegrown multilingual organization to serve their … Continue reading A change to my marketing plan

To YouTube or NOT to YouTube?

Let's talk about YouTube. I have been thinking a lot about creating a YouTube channel. I want my channel to be relevant to construction and construction procurement. Admittedly, construction procurement is not a glamorous or exciting topic. I do think presenting the topic in a certain way could be engaging and at the very least … Continue reading To YouTube or NOT to YouTube?